A town that used to be my temporary home



Finally I have some pictures of the place I officially no longer have to call home.  These are from November 27, 2004, on a quick little joyride around town.  The skyline picture above was taken from OH 2, the Shoreway, in downtown Cleveland.


Cleveland as seen from US 322 Westbound, known as Mayfield Rd and Chester Street.  Continuing westward on Chester.  US 322 leaves Mayfield after Little Italy and follows Chester downtown. 
Approaching I-90 and I-71 and the downtown area. I-71 and I-77 find their ends at I-90 in the southern regions of central Cleveland, and these signs point you to them.
US 322 ends in a few miles. I forget which street this blurry pic was taken on, but as we cross the Shoreway (OH 2), you can clearly see Lake Erie.
Hey, there's an ALT US 6 in this city!  I didn't know that before. Old and somewhat crummy looking buildings can be found all over Cleveland.
US 322 hops on to US 6 for a while and then proceeds to end. A look at Cleveland's tallest building, Key Tower, from the dark streets below.
A street scene.  That woman was dressed for the Arctic, but it was over 50 degrees this day! Cleveland's own submarine: the USS Cod.
More submarine. The Browns' football stadium is straight ahead, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is on the right.
And here is the weird architecture of the Hall of Fame. And another look at the football stadium.
Key Tower again.  Did you know it is the 15th tallest building in the USA? The Shoreway passes right by the football field.
The little bush that they use to simulate a Christmas tree.  My mom calls it the Christmas Shrub.  Of course, this was before a little breeze blew it over. Ooh, look at all the buildings.
And what looks to be a war memorial right in the middle of downtown. Descending into the Flats.  This is about where the Cuyahoga River lit aflame a while back, but now it's supposedly cleaner.  Dad always gets lost when driving down here, though.  He continued his record this time, too.
Down, please. Here's where we get lost at the bottom of the hill.
But we get to see a bridge... And a pavilion...
Maybe we can get there this way! Hey, there's Jacob's Field on the right!  (That's where the Indians play, if you don't know.)
Ummm... No, no I don't think this is right.  Are we still in Cleveland?  Should we go this way?
Wait, how'd we get all the way across the river? We must have come from over there on that bridge.

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